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A Family

With decades of experience, deep local knowledge, and unique expertise, the Moceri Real Estate team is equipped to guide you through a seamless, comprehensive buying and selling experience. Moceri Real Estate is a local, single-source real estate brokerage and consulting firm specializing in the marketing of premier residential homes, apartments, new construction homes, and senior living.

Our Mission


It is the mission of Moceri Real Estate to assist in finding premier residential homes for all stages in life throughout the Journey. The process to buy, sell, rent, or build a home is one of the most important factors for individuals and families. Moceri Real Estate is committed to assisting our clients on their path, by providing superior counsel to our buyers and sellers through leadership, experience, and knowledge.

Our Strategy


By utilizing our vast well of experience, Moceri Real Estate will be able to apply our knowledge to current trends and provide resources for agents, buyers, and sellers to enhance and streamline their real estate transactions. We have a long history of success in the residential sector and have numerous professional relationships with trustworthy and talented individuals and companies in the construction industry.

Moceri Real Estate is a trusted brand for homeowners looking to upsize or downsize. It is an untapped market for Moceri to assist those homeowners in their journey by removing the stress of preparing a home for sale and/or purchasing a new home.

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Forever Home

Our strategy is to provide the necessary tools and service that will allow homeowners to look to Moceri Real Estate for every buying or selling need through their entire property ownership journey. From a very first rental property to a to their forever home and everything in between.

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