With over 60+ years of experience, Moceri brings years of expertise to the development process. Moceri’s knowledge and hands-on approach is coupled with its unique ability to make and implement decisions efficiently and provide our build-to-suit clients the structure that best meets their needs.

Each homebuyer has their individual tastes, ideas, budget, and lifestyle. Our goal is to design and build a new home that complements the uniqueness of each client. From the extensive time we take to understand your needs, to the innovative design and quality construction, we pay attention to every detail of the new home experience. If you are looking for a new home that has been built for you, our build-to-suit home is a perfect choice.

Coastal and lake properties are often the canvas for some of the most breathtaking and inspired developments ever created. There’s something about a water view that quiets the soul and washes away the stress of the day.

Waterfront and other complex property developments can also be some of the most challenging, due to environmental sensitivity. It takes a graceful touch to add beauty without spoiling the natural allure.

Improving the coastal landscape without creating a negative impact is the type of challenge Moceri embraces. From the Lake Michigan shoreline to California and Florida, the company is actively seeking waterside properties suitable for visually stunning and environmentally sensitive development.

Continuous innovation in development creates
and sustains a better way to live for today and into the future